Featured Discussion Topics

Linda Tadic

Data Storage Media and Digital Preservation: Today and The Future

Andrea Kalas sits down with Digital Bedrock CEO Linda Tadic to discuss potential solutions to a looming digital preservation calamity.

Moving Images as Supertexts

Sam Gustman, Chief Technology Officer of USC’s Shoah Foundation, discusses the many lessons he has learned in the digital preservation space.

Andrea Kalas

Total Cost of Ownership

Andrea Kalas, SVP of Asset Management at Paramount Pictures, shares lessons she has learned implementing new archival preservation standards.

Genetic Archive illustration

Introduction to the Genetic Archive

This essay presents a proposal for a new approach to motion picture archiving, saving only the minimal original elements and recipes for their reconstruction.

IBC 2022 Show

IBC (originally the International Broadcasting Convention) is an annual conference and exhibition aimed at broadcasting, media, entertainment, and technology.