Featured Discussion Topics

Data Storage Media and Digital Preservation: Today and The Future

Andrea Kalas sits down with Digital Bedrock CEO Linda Tadic to discuss potential solutions to a looming digital preservation calamity.

Introduction to the Genetic Archive

This essay presents a proposal for a new approach to motion picture archiving, saving only the minimal original elements and recipes for their reconstruction.

Digital Preservation Timeline

The Digital Preservation Timeline (DPT) presented here provides a timeline-oriented bibliography of significant contributions in digital preservation history with a focus on technologies, restoration projects, software tools, companies and individuals. The objective was to collect information on technological history, along with evolving opinions and theories related to digital preservation documenting the advance of digital preservation…

Interoperable Master Format (IMF)

IMF is a standardized structure and file format for the interchange, storage, and delivery of audiovisual masters.

Archivists Talk: How to Select Digital Assets for Preservation

In reviewing the Digital Dilemma, Steve Anastasi and Schawn Belston analyze the definition of digital preservation of motion pictures, then discuss the factors that impact what may or not be selected for preservation.

Total Cost of Ownership

Andrea Kalas, SVP of Asset Management at Paramount Pictures, shares lessons she has learned implementing new archival preservation standards.