AMPAS Pickford Center, night

Our Mission

The mission of the Academy Digital Preservation Forum is to provide an online gathering place to bring together stakeholders and practitioners in the digital preservation of motion pictures to confront challenges, encourage information exchange, and stimulate productive work to address these challenges, with an eye to cultural as well as industry perspectives.

We aim to achieve our goals by providing a neutral forum conducive to exploring issues and catalyzing discussion around the care of motion pictures, including the future digital preservation of those originally shot on film as well as those “born digital.” We seek to facilitate an increase of awareness and reinforcement of the importance of digital preservation to modern filmmaking, moving toward a consensus on what the most important points are and where efforts should be directed, and formulating a direction for subsequent work, by inspiring active participation from online community members.

With the ascent of digital technology in the production, postproduction, distribution, and exhibition of motion pictures, and the concomitant decline in photochemical cinematography and practical disappearance of film projection, we want to engage with those with the greatest stake and influence to ensure that digital preservation is successfully achieved: filmmakers, studio executives, Academy members, archivists, operations professionals, technologists, and other practitioners charged with implementing digital preservation.