Our industry has many several standardized guidelines on how to approach preservation and archive of our digital assets.

  • Academy Color Encoding System (ACES, SMPTE 2065) — ACES has been used not only in digital productions to manage color and maintain color space information, but also in digital restorations. See also
  • Trusted Digital Repository (TDR, ISO 16363) — The TDR is a multi-point auditing process, that can include certification that demonstrates that a digital infrastructure can support long-term preservation, and help organizations improve their approach. TDR uses OAIS  to determine if assets are meeting preservation standards.
  • Open Archival Information System Reference Model (OAIS, ISO 14721) — OAIS is used across libraries and industries as a set of guidelines for how best to preserve data. OAIS is particularly helpful in helping set up data models for assets and metadata for long-term preservation.
  • Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative (FADGI) — FADGI provides guidelines for optimal digitization, including specs for capture, primarily focused on still images. They have an audio-visual working group.
  • NDSA levels of Preservation — A helpful guide to increasing levels of care of digital assets in areas of storage, control, metadata, integrity, and content.