Our Team

Andrea Kalas, SVP Asset Management, Paramount Pictures, Project Chair

Arjun Ramamurthy, Global CTO at Ateliere Entertainment Technologies, Content Development Group Chair

Curatorial Working Group

Rita Belda, Vice President at Sony Pictures Entertainment

Grover Crisp, EVP Asset Management, Film Restoraton & Digital Mastering at Sony Pictures Entertainment

Alejandra Espasande, Library Archivist at The Walt Disney Studios

Michael Friend, Technical Specialist at Sony

Theo Gluck, Director, Library Restoration and Preservation at Visual Data Media Services

Buzz Hayes, Global Lead Entertainment Industry, Google Cloud

Leon Silverman, Principal and Senior Advisor, Strategic Perspective Consulting

Janice Simpson, Library Archivist at Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution, The Walt Disney Company

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Academy Film Archive

Digital Management Services

Margaret Herrick Library

Oral History Program

Science and Technology Council